XUE SUN 2013, Red octopus, Bisque porcelain, 26x25x23 см, unique pieces
XUE SUN 2013, Goldfish, Bisque porcelain, gold, 29x18x14 cm, unique pieces
XUE SUN 2013, Chameleon, Bisque porcelain, 28x13x12cm, unique pieces
XUE SUN 2012, Cloud, terra cotta and crystal, 78x50x&2cm, unique pieces
XUE SUN 2013, Jade Bird, Aquarelle sur papier, 56 x 76 cm


Sculptures Xue Sun amaze the spectator with their undeniable plastic beauty. Young chinese artist based in Paris since 2004. After she had received her first academic art training in China, she obtained a Diploma of the National Superior School of Art in Paris in 2008. Combining asian and european cultures with impressive craftsmanship acquired during her studies become apparent in ceramics so as in drawings, serving a powerful poetic expression.

Rarely an artist arrives so easily to put into sensitive and rigorous shape his thinking, to unite the real and the imaginary. In her recent works Xue Sun try to make a bridge between the aesthetic refinement of East witch its more subtly descriptive and amateur taste of West more abstract, elliptical and spontaneous.

Frédéric Bodet, Conservateur à la cité de la Céramique de Sèvres



Obtained DNSAP (National Diploma in the Superior Plastic Arts), June 2008 at ENSBA Paris

National School of Superior Fine-Arts, Paris, France, 2004-2008

ShanDong Provincial Institute of the Arts, China, 1998-2002



2014       «Le voyage de Xue Sun», Galerie Michèle Hayem, Paris, France

               «Dérèglement des espèces», cité de la céramique, Musée de Sèvres, France

                Drawings & Sculptures, personal exhibition, Galerie Eric MIRCHER, Paris, France

2012        Personal exhibition, " Le songe d'Arode". Galerie Eric MIRCHER, Paris, France
2011       “If Now, Where?”, group exposition, L’AGART gallery, Amilly
              “Beast off”, in the context of contemporary art event at the Center for National Monuments,
               The Conciergerie, Paris, France
              “Monuments and Animals”, contemporary art event at the Center for
               National Monuments, château de Pierrefonds, France
2010       « The Hidden Goest» Group exposition, Times Arts Museum, Beijing, China
              “Ceramic Circuit for the Decorative Arts: The Contemporary Scene” group exposition,
               Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris, France
              “Line of Chance”, group exposition of drawings, Place of the Ricard Enterprise, Paris, France
              “Graouw”, group collective, Intuitive Gallery, Paris, France
2009       “One China that can Hide Another”, collective exposition, Anne de Villepoix gallery, Paris, France
2008       “A Winter in Pékin”, collective exposition, 3+3 Gallery, Beijing, China
             «First View», collective exposition, Retz Passage, Paris, France
2007       “Utopianimale”, in accordance with the contemporary biennial in Lyon, France
               Graphic Line Gallery, Lyon, France
2006       “Animal Sadness”, solo show, ENSBA, Paris, France
             «The Fabric of Drawing», collective exposition, ENSBA, Paris, France
2005        video “Kaïser”, video festival of the art of Hérouville-Saint-Clair



July 2009: Frédéric and Jean de Vernon prize in sculpture at the Academy for Beaux-Arts of the institute of France.
January 2006: winner of the Bourse Diamond, New York, USA



“Sun Xue, A Strange Chinese Story” by Marielle Ernould-Gandouet published in “the review of the ceramics and glass”, Number 176 January-February 2011.---- “Sun Xue, species in the process of developing” by Mario Kling published in “Artension”, number 101 May/June 2010.
“Ceramic Circuit of the Decorative Arts” collective catalogue. Decorative Arts edition.
“Line of Chance” collective catalogue, Beaux-Arts of Paris editions.
“the Fabric of Drawing” Collective Catalogue, Beaux-Arts of Paris editions. 



March-June 2010, Sculpture professor at the Atelier des Beaux-Arts of the city of Paris, Atelier Marc Bloch.
March-April 2009, professor of sculpture at the atelier des Beaux-Arts of the city of Paris, Atelier Montparnasse.